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We provide Manpower Contracting for all your business needs. Our contracting staff are highly skilled professionals.


Our Employees are driven by compassion and integrity, and with a desire to contribute to the world in which they live.

Technically Skilled

Our employees are technically skilled to perform the assigned task and have strong desire to achieve the best out of them.


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Reliance General Contracting is dedicated to meet your all HR requirements and help you to build your future.

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Reliance General Contracting is a Manpower Contracting company established in the United Arab Emirates. Reliance was created to fulfil the urgent & long-term requirements for semi-skilled and skilled people in the UAE’s various economic sectors. We want to fill the gap in skilled labour need by bringing in competent workers with relevant industry expertise. We offer labour contract assistance and services, armed and equipped with our own visas covering virtually all categories.

Blue Collar Staffing

Construction, manufacturing, transportation, aviation, wholesale, trash, hospitality and services, retail, energy, and more are among the areas in which we specialise in delivering blue-collar employment solutions.

Executive Staffing

We are one of the country’s leading healthcare recruitment organisations, giving us the opportunity to tap into a nationwide network to find top candidates swiftly and efficiently.

Labour Contracts

We are a well-known and reputable labour contractor. For a variety of prestigious enterprises, we deliver sincere, honest, and dedicated labour. We used to provide fast and on-time service to the designated region.